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aqua-terra® Topchanger – The sand injector

aqua-terra® Topchanger, the NEW soil tillage machine, injects the sand mixture (enriched with soil conditioners) with water and pressure uniformly and precisely into the soil. The pressure can be freely adjusted and serves to regulate the depth and width of the filling in the holes (up to 12cm is possible). In addition, the spacing of the holes can be precisely adjusted.

The new soil tillage method with the aqua-terra® Topchanger and the soil conditioners from aqua-terra Bioprodukt GmbH bring relief to the sensitive issue of soil aeration!!! A machine that performs high quality soil tillage effectively and efficiently, and achieves more rapid playability of the areas.

Effective + efficient + quality-increasing method:

In only one step, one not only improves the quality of the aeration holes (complete filling of the holes with sand), but also reduces the damage to the surface, resulting in a shorter reworking time (short resting phase for the green) – resulting in rapid playability without loss of quality for the golf player!

Potential of the aqua-terra® Topchanger

Advantages of the subsurface injection:
The greenkeeper gains whole new possibilities with this implement, which are worth considering:

    • The active substances are injected directly into the soil and are no longer lost through mowing – savings potential
    • The flow of water also ensures that they are rapidly dissolved and distributed through the soil, in order to be absorbed by the plants.
    • Soil conditioners will continue to grow in importance because the soil biology will find optimum site conditions. This strongly reduces salinisation and increases the vitality of the grass.

ExamplesMade for Greenkeepers

  • Soil conditioners in granulate or liquid form can be optimally placed in the soil and activate the soil organisms.
  • Problem zones on the green can be separately treated:
    • Water storage fillings can be injected on moulded areas of the green.
    • On areas with waterlogging, hole fillings with a depth of 12 cm can be inserted to achieve better drainage.


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