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Made for GreenkeepersBio -Algihum® Terratop® Aktiv Micro

Type of product (Microfein-Granular)

A new innovative Micro fine Organic Mineral Compound Fertiliser based on Zeolite, with added Sea Weed extracts. The Micro granules spread easily and are very soluble, allowing for a quick uptake by the soil.

Fields of Application

  • Golf Courses
  • Sports Pitches and general outfield areas

    Particularly suitable for newly seeded and heavily worn turf areas, Golf Greens, Tees and Fairways.

Mode of Action

  • Improves the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) in the Root Zone, improving nutrient retention, and improving soil fertility particularly in inert sandy soils
  • The Nitrogen and Potassium sources in the Fertiliser are attracted by the Zeolite crystals, ensuring slow release of the nutrients, with reduced leaching.
  • Safe, mild and pure nutrients for fine turf
  • Natural slow release Fertiliser, lasting up to 6-8 Weeks
  • The Sea Weed content in the fertilizer creates an ideal breeding ground
    for Soil Micro Organisms to grow and rapidly reproduce, leading to a
    healthier soil with fewer disease outbreaks.
  • Promotes and stimulates root density and depth
  • Improves the soil structure, resulting in improved gaseous exchanges
    and improved water uptake by the plants.

Application method and rates

Apply regularly throughout the growing season every.
Can be applied either to dry or damp swards using a rotary spreader.
Or broadcasting by hand. Irrigate thoroughly after spreading to ensure
Speedy dissolving of the granules prior to mowing.

  • Spring / Autumn:
    30 - 35 g/m² (3 - 3,5 kg pro 100 m²)

Fertiliser analysis

Organic-mineral fertiliser 11 + 2 + 10 + 2 Fe + 1 Mgo
11 %  N        Total Nitrogen
  2 %  P2O5  Total Phosphorus
10 %  K2O    Total Potassium
  2 %  Fe       Total Iron
  1 %  MgO   Total Magnesium
 As well as naturally bound trace elements

Product Data

Main component I Alginate
Main component II Zeolith
Main component III Organic Mineral Nitrogen
Analysis N- 11 % / P2O5- 2 % / K2O- 10 % / Fe- 2 / MgO- 1 %
Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) 15-17.000 mVal/100 g
pH-area 5 – 5,5
Technical physical data
Form Dry, homogenous and easy to spread
Bulk density 700 kg/m³
Product Type Granular
Granular size 1-2 mm
Colour grey-brown
Odour neutral
Safety Data See safety data sheets 91/155EWG and 1999/45/EG
Health and Safety For detailed information on handling or precautions, please see our safety sheet.
Shelf life 1 year
Application schedule During the vegetation period
Application method Rotary spreader or by hand Water thoroughly
Packaging 25-kg-Sack
Packaging units 20 x 25 kg / Pallets of 500 kg
Storage Store in a frost free, dry ventilated environment and keep out of reach of children and pets.
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