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Made for GreenkeepersBio-Algihum® Flüssigkonzentrat Fairway

Type of product (liquid)

Biological Liquid Soil Conditioner

Application area

  • Fairways
  • Sport Pitches


Fairway liquid concentrate is an environmentally friendly product.
The various Sea Weeds contained in the product, are enzymatically
extracted, tapping into the essential raw components of the Sea Weed ensuring plant availability.

Mode of action

Flüssigkonzentrat Fairway is an universal spray tank mix, ideal for
mixing with most liquid Fertilisers and Pesticides, owing To its structure viscous form and Semipermeable Membrane of the Sea Weed, which ensures the product sticks or remains longer on the leaf surface, assuring a fast and rapid uptake within the plant.


  • Improves the stability of the cell walls against damage
  • Reduces drought or heat stress, during prolonged hot and dry periods.
  • Fewer disease outbreaks owing to an increase in the antagonistical soil bacteria.
  • Improves sward density and strengthens the grass plants root Development

Application Method

Dosage Instructions:

Add liquid concentrate Fairway to a partially filled sprayer with water,
keep the pump running whilst adding the liquid, then add the remaining
water and avoid turning the pump off between spraying, ensuring a uniform and even mixture. (Flocking off the product may occur when tank missing with Iron based products)

Application guide

March/November (easy handling)

Application Rates

20 to 40 Liter per Hectare   4/6 Applications throughout the growing season

Product Data

Main component I algae derivatives
Main component II polysaccharides
Additional agent I Amino acids
Vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, C, D, E, K
Cation Exchange capacity (CEC) 18-22.000 mVal/100 g
Trace elements Contains over 70 trace elements
DS-Content < 2 %
Form Liquid / paste
Colour brown
Reaction in water soluble
pH-value 7,5-8
Density (bei 20° C) ca. 0,96 kg/l
Safety data See safety data sheets 91/155EWG und 1999/45/EG
Health and safety Please refer to our data sheet for detailed information On handling and precautions
Shelf life 1 year
Application throughout the year, exept in case of frost
Packaging 200-kg-Barrel
Packaging unit 2 x 200 kg / Palette 400 kg 1 x 1.000 kg / Container 1.000 kg
Disposal of containers Will be picked up on request
Storage Frost free avoid direct sunlight
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