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aqua-terra Bioprodukt GmbH

"Not only developing biological products, but also producing and marketing in the interest of our environment."
Company management at aqua-terra® Bioprodukt GmbH

Innovation through customer focus

aqua-terra® Bioprodukt GmbH does not only want to produce biological nutrient media for special market segments, they also voluntarily tackle the task of finding a balance between market policy necessities and the ideal of environmental conservation. The company management also places great value on the maintenance of long-term customer relationships by doing largely without impersonal administrative work. This enables the medium-sized enterprise to continue to evolve and develop their products, and to individually optimise the use of aqua-terra® products on-site. Through active dialogue with the customers, their feedback and suggestions lead to a symbiotic collaboration – miles away from a purely commercial producer-user relationship.


"On the free market, always only those products will establish themselves that can withstand the critical examination of the user as a specialist in all respects."

Company management at aqua-terra® Bioprodukt GmbH


With the development and introduction of the product "Bio-Algihum®" in 1984 for the re-vitalisation of poorly aerated and nutrient-poor soils, aqua-terra® Bioprodukt GmbH laid the cornerstone for the meanwhile extensive product range. New insights and research possibilities opened the sewage sector for the two young entrepreneurs, who were originally from the "soil re-mediation" sector. Developments and changes were taking place in this sector at a rapid rate. This enables more rapid acquisition of clear evidence. Already in the founding year, the first suitable biological product for sewage purification was produced, "Bio-KlarAlgin® ", creating the basis at this time for all other preparations.


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