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AbwasserreinigungSewage purification

With regard to biological sewage purification, the task of our product ranges Bio-KlarAlgin® and RenoSan® to create good living conditions for micro-organisms to secure optimal cleaning results.

GeruchsemissionOdour emissions (sewagewater+organic waste)

The biological way to reduce and impede odours emissions by using our RenoSan® products is based on the function of micro-organisms that are able to oxidize organical and inorganical gaseous compounds in a bio-chemical way and to modify them into non-harmful respectively non-odourous compounds.

BodenverbesserungImprovement of soil structure

All Bio-Algihum® products used for improvement of soil are sodium alginates, natural soil and plant aid agents in granulated and structure-viscious form won from especially treaten algae. Orcanically bounded carbons are rich of carbonhydrates, proteins, trace elements, vitamins and phytohormons. As additional effective agent, highly molecular carbonhydrates (bio-saccharides) were added.

GolfplatzpflegeMaintenance of golf courses

Our Bio-Algihum®, aquatop® and RenoSan® products are based on on the high requirements of golf courses, their maintenance and work of greenkeepers. Excellent quality has always been the main task in the field of golf courses.

NassansaatHydroseeding / waterside re-vegetation

Wet seeding, hydro seeding or grassing by spraying is a mechanical way of grassing extreme areas that cannot be grassed using other techniques. Applying to these techniques, Bio-Algihum® products are used frequently, serving as protection from erosion, improvement of soil, biological activation (micro-organisms) and optimation of root and plant growth.


The varity of our cleaners grant an enormous and high-efficiently cleaning quality as well as optimal efficiency in their destined application field. With our product range of aqua-terra® cleaners, we offer you an effective method to save costs.


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