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Advantages compared to chemical products

Similar to regeneration of a sportsman, you also have different possibilities to revitalize micro-biological living spaces by balancing the deficits of capacity that – on the first sight – both lead to a finding-back to the original level.
First, the application of chemicals seems even more effective and cheaper. But soon you will see disadvantages and late sequelaes of these “chemical pep-ups” that – besides of heavy and sometimes irreparable consequences for natural operation – also result in immense costs.

Chemicals – not environmental-friendly and expensive, seen on the long-term

Area of sewage
While chemical products show the ability to bind existing pollutants, they cannot decompose respectively loosen them. Accordingly, these chemical products only are able to reduce existing chemical chains due to their impeded physical mass – a possibility to supersede this problematic factor out of one’s view, but not solving the problem. The consequence is a dramatic increase of costs when disposing non-degradable pollutants at dumps.

Area of soil improvement:

Similar to mentioned scenario can be seen the application of chemical compounds in the field of soil treatment, where all processes are by far slower than in the field of sewage treatment. At short sight, chemistry can also supply nutrient salts and high nitrogen dosages to growth repressed plants, creating them an optimal supply, but this is only possible when a consistent dosage of high quantities of fertilizers is granted. This high requirement can be explained by a relatively small capacity of the roots to take up nutrients within a short period. Thus, the fastest possible equalization of the nutrient household can only be reached by a well-recognized plus of fertilizers. By doing so, the plant is optimally enabled to take up nutrients with all its roots, but the bigger part of given fertilizers trickles into the groundwater as a harmful element. Besides of a serious pollution of groundwater, this creates a plant that develops itself into a living organism dependent on dosage of fertilizers.


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