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Certification and References

Environmental management - Profitability in the interest of environmental awareness

"Customer focus and trust are a capital that should not be neglected."
Company management of aqua-terra® Bioprodukt GmbH

To do justice to the trust put in them by their customers, the company management stays true to the principle of keeping their operations transparent. On this note, the company management of aqua-terra® Bioprodukt GmbH accelerated the expansion of their own laboratory, and the company has also been working since many years with elaborately developed reference lists, in order to provide new interested parties with meaningful insights.

"An open and honest attitude towards the customer in every way is the best precaution against arising misunderstandings in a business relationship."
Company management of aqua-terra® Bioprodukt GmbH

The fact that aqua-terra® Bioprodukt GmbH has taken the right path for business management with this concept since almost three decades is emphasised not only by the successful order situation, but also by various official certificates that were awarded to the company since it was founded.

Trademark protection at aqua-terra Bioprodukt GmbH

To prevent any type of unlawful production or use of aqua-terra® products, all products are trademark protected immediately after completion of the last required tests. On the one hand, this is done to protect aqua-terra® Bioprodukt GmbH, but on the other, it also serves to protect the customer from deception by third parties.

In view of the constantly advancing globalisation and the opening of all European borders, it was decided in the last few years to obtain EU-wide protection for the existing trademarks through declaration and registration with the Office of Harmonization in Alicante/Spain.


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