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Help to self-help with nutrient media

A single "clean-up" and "aeration" is not enough to "heal" a "chronically ill" microbiological habitat. For this reason, the product development at aqua-terra® Bioprodukt GmbH builds onto the basic idea that an overburdened biocenosis can only be helped in the long term if it can return to a normal state by its own means. Because only a healthy habitat with a sufficient reproduction rate can react flexibly to external changes. Artificially-chemically prepared micro-organisms or bacteria are not capable of adapting on their own.

Extracted from seaweed

The basic material for all aqua-terra® products is nutrient media extracted from seaweed, which contain vitamins and trace elements, and in addition to supplying concentrated food resources, are also capable of binding oxygen. They are enriched with natural ingredients such as plant extracts or mineral nutrients. When added to stagnant habitats, they provide rapid reactivation by supplying the micro-organisms that were displaced from their own habitat by organic or toxic substances with the basic elements necessary for survival.

Returning to equilibrium

This results in increased reproductive rates, which ultimately leads to the creation of a large, well supplied population. Accordingly, although the application of biological products also initially requires very high concentrations, in contrast to chemical treatments, aqua-terra® products can be reduced again after a short period and can be stopped later, without putting the newly established equilibrium at risk.

Quality before Quantity

Quality before quantity - aqua-terra® Bioprodukt GmbH always remained true to this principle. As always, recognised problem areas spark the development of new products. Meanwhile, this has lead to a great expansion of the range of products. Furthermore, there has been a noticeable increase in the efficiency of product research and development, which is mainly due to the market and customer focus of aqua-terra® Bioprodukt GmbH. Before they are introduced to the market, new products are subject to practical application tests under real conditions, performed and analysed in close collaboration with the specialised companies using the product. This active dialogue is the only way to achieve maximum optimisation of the respective product and therefore the best possible coverage of the respective market niche.

Collaboration with Institutes

In addition to performing internal laboratory tests for legal recognition of the new developments, the company management at aqua-terra® Bioprodukt GmbH does not refrain from regular objective controls with various institutes operating worldwide.

"It is important to us that our products work properly and meet the customer's requirements. Of course, a suitable package in the form of legal recognition of our work is very important here, but it must also be obtained from independent and objective authorities."
Company management of aqua-terra® Bioprodukt GmbH


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