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Bio-Algihum "Bodengranulat plus"

Produkttyp (Granular Powder)

Soil Conditioner

Organic biological matrix made from specially prepared brown sea weed
With high molecular carbohydrates (Bio Saccharides)

Applications and use

Activation,stabilisation and regeneration of soils and plants :

  • Recultivating of golf and sports grass
  • Root zone mixture for sports pitch construction
  • On barren and compacted soils
  • Grass and plant areas
    (New constructions, regeneration, general maintenance)
    • Interlocking of the surface
    • Garden and Landscaping
    • Treatment of soils,.new areas and regeneration  
    • Plant and growing mediums
    • New plantations
    • Transplanting
    • Tree redevelopment

    Mode of Action


    • Soil and crumb structure
      Decompacts clay soils  – Binds light sandy soils.
    • Prevents soil, wind and water erosion
    • Promotes Micro Organisms in the soil.
    • Improves soil fertility and water holding capacity.
    • Releases locked up and partialy bound nutrients.
    • The buffering and neutralising from toxins through Ion
    • exchange capacities   (i.e. salt and heavy metals.)
    • The binding of fine particles in the soil.
    • Increases  the natural immune system of the of the plants
    • And offers protection against harmful environmental influences
    • Promotes quick and massive root development
    • Improved transporting of nutrients
      development of the Mykorrhiza

    Instructions for use

    Mix ratio to sand:

    • Topdressing                            3      -     5 %

    Application Rate:

    • Root Zone mixture                 1,5     -     3 kg/m³

    Plant and culture substrate                     

      • New areas / Regeneration      50      -   75 g/m² 

      Product Data

      Main component I Alginderivate
      Main component II Polysaccharide
      Vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, C, D, E, K
      Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) 27-37.000 mVal/100 g
      Trace Elements Contains more than 70 trace elements
      Technical and physical data
      Form Granular and easy to spread
      Bulk weight 690 kg/m³
      Grain type granular
      Particle size 1,0-3,0 mm
      Colour Brown/Black
      Odour seaweed
      Conduct to water gelatinizing
      pH-value < 8 >
      Security Data See security data sheet
      91/155EWG und 1999/45/EG
      Health and Safety for detailed information on handling or restriction,
      please see our security data sheet
      Shelf Life 1 Year
      Application Throughout the season
      Packaging 25-kg-bags
      Packaging Unit 20 x 25 kg, pallets of 500 kg 
      Storeage frost free and protect from direct sunlight
      Note Information given in this leaflet are not tob e considered as product specifications, but are based on facts to the best of our knowledge. However, should any discrepencies occur, the company aqua-terra GmbH is the exclusive owner of all copyrights and any unauthorized copying is strictly prohibited.


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