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Made for GreenkeepersTerratop® FlüDü 8-0-8

Type of product (liquid)

“Terratop® FlüDü 8-0-8” is a liquid fertilizer containing seaweed extracts, ascophyllum nodosum and laminara digitata is enriched with urea and essential trace elements magnesium (mg),
iron (fe) and many more. The product has been designed to encourage
microbial activity in the root zone, resulting in deeper roots,
reducing stress with fewer disease outbreaks.

Area for use

„Terratop® FlüDü“ Flüssigdünger 8-0-8 is easily absorbed by the plants
and promotes healthy growth and It can be mixed with other liquid
fertilisers and pesticides (Flocking may occur when mixing
with Iron based products)

Modes of action

  • Encourages microbial activity
  • Reduces stress
  • Promotes a healthy colour
  • Reduces disease outbreaks

Users guide

April (x) / May x / June x / July x / August x / September (x)

Leaf application:
30 l „Terratop® FlüDü“ to  400 l Water/ha
Repeat application every 2-3 weeks.

70 l „Terratop® FlüDü“  to 600 l water/ha
Irrigate after fertilizing.


20 % seaweed extract
10 % alumic acids
8 % Total N
0%  Total P

8 % K
2 % Mg
2% Fe
Trace elements

Product Data

Main component I algae derivatives
Main component II organic mineral liquid fertilizer
Vitamins A, B, B1, B2, B12, C, D, E, K
NPK Quantity N- 8 % / P2O5- 0 % / K2O- 8 %
Trace Elements containing more than 70 trace
Form liquid / paste
Colour brown
Conduct to Water soluble
pH-value 6,6
Density (20°C) app. 1,19 kg/l
Security Data see security data sheet
91/155/EWG and 1999/45/EG
Health and Security For detailed information on handling
or restriction, please see our security data sheet.
Date of Maturity 1 year
Application throughout the year, except on frost
Packaging 10-kg pail
Packaging Unit 60 x 10 kg, pallets of 600 kg
18 x 25 kg, pallets of 450 kg
1 x 200 kg, barrel of 200 kg

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