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Made for GreenkeepersRenoSan® 2000 Schwefel

Type of product (liquid)

Mineral calcium, magnesium and sulphur fertiliser

Fields of Application and Use

    • Greens, tees, fairways
    • Sports pitches and lawn areas


    Application period:During the whole vegetation period

    Important: Shake or agitate thoroughly before use.

    RenoSan® 2000 – Sulphur is applied with a conventional sprayer and can be mixed with foliar fertilisers as well as all authorised fungicides, insecticides and herbicides.

    Fill the tank up to 1/3 with water, switch on the agitator, and pour the required quantity of RenoSan® 2000 – sulphur into the induction hopper while filling the remaining quantity of water. Never switch off the agitator while adding RenoSan® 2000 – sulphur before the tank is completely empty!

    Immediately empty the sprayer completely after every application and rinse with water. When spraying tank mixtures, the other products should be added to the mixture at the end. The application requirements and regulations of the added products must be observed.

    Application Rate

    10 l/ha


    Store at 12-25 °C and protect from direct solar radiation. Completely emptied containers are to be disposed of at authorised collection points.


    The manufacturer and distributors do not accept any liability for improper storage and use of the product.

    Safety Phrases

    • Residual quantities are to be disposed of properly.
    • Keep out of the reach of children.
    • Store in a clean and dry place.
    • Do not breath in the spray mist.
    • If swallowed seek immediate medical advice and show the label.

    Product Data

  • Main component I 49 % sulphur S / total sulphur (700 g/l)
    Form Liquid
    Colour Yellowish-white
    Behaviour in water Suspension for spraying
    Density (at 20° C) 1,41 kg/l
    Safety data See Safety Data Sheet 91/155EEC und 1999/45/EC
    Health and safety Detailed information on handling and safety measures that may need to be observed can be found in our EC Safety Data Sheet.
    Storage life 1 year
    Application Year-round, except if there is frost
    Packaging 10 kg bucket / canister
    Packaging unit 60 x 10 kg / euro pallet 600 kg
    Packaging disposal We can dispose of the cleaned containers upon request.
    Storage Frost-free, protect from solar radiation
    Hint The information provided in this data sheet is not the production specifications and is given to the best of our knowledge. Possible variances cannot be fully ruled out. This information does not imply that the patents held by aqua-terra Bioprodukt GmbH or third parties are available for unrestricted use.
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