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RenoSan® 111

Type of product

An economical product against odour emissions. Culture mediums and plant extracts responsibly work for reduction of odour emissions.


  • Neutralisation of odour emissions
  • Adsorption of odour emissions
  • Universal, biological culture medium
    a) activating.
    b) stabilizing.
    c) regenerating.

Fields of application

  • Communal and industrial sewage treatment plants (aerobic and anaerobic field)
  • Faeces composite cesspools / faeces receiving offices
  • Septic tanks and percolation basins
  • Sewage treatment plants (screening, sludge)
  • Small sewage treatment plants (i.e. households, camping, hotels, vessels etc.)
  • Sedimentation ponds
  • Stagnant waters and flowing waters
  • Canalization systems
  • Discharge pipe systems
  • Discharge troughs
  • Sludge dehydration
  • Dehydration of muddy soil (dredging of ponds, lakes, rivers etc.)
  • Composting plants, damps
  • Stabling
  • Liquid manuring
  • Air filtering, bio-filters
  • Regeneration of soil
  • Treatment of sites
  • Treatment of rooms
  • Restoration of damage caused by fire
  • Production halls (oil and grease processing)
  • Manufacturing plants with high odour emissions
  • Garbage can / garbage containers for biologic waste
  • Households, organical garbage
  • Trade, organical waste (canteens, restaurants, butcheries etc.)
  • Industry, organical waste
  • Sewage water, grey water and faeces collecting tanks

Application areas

  • Communal and industrial sewage treatment plants (aerobic and anaerobic)
  • Wastewater sludge dewatering / dehydration of muddy soil
  • Faeces composite cesspools
  • Small sewage treatment plants (houses, hotels, camps, ships etc.)
  • Canalization systems and discharge pipe systems
  • Delivery mains
  • Damps
  • Industry and trade
  • Stagnant waters / flowing waters


  • Aerobic treatment plants:
    5 - 30 g/m³ wastewater
  • Anaerobic treatment plants:
    a) seeding:
    1.000 g/m³ digester volume
    b) maintenance:
    100 g/m³ raw sludge at 3 % solid matter
  • Sludge dewatering and sludge treatment:
    250 g/m³ at 2-3 % contents of solid matter
    250 - 500 g/m³ at higher quantity of solid matter
  • Septic tanks and percolation tanks:
    250 - 500 g/m³ according to quantity of solid matter
  • Faeces composite cesspools:
    250 - 500 g/m³ according to quantity of solid matter
  • Faeces receiving:
    250 - 500 g/m³ according to quantity of solid matter
  • Sewerage and discharge systems:
    a) nonrecurring use: 100 - 250 g/m³
    b) constant use: 5 - 30 g/m³
  • Liquid manuring:
    250- 500 g/m³ according to quantity of solid matter
  • Air purification:
    e.g. stabling, manufacturing plants etc.
    mixing proportion with water: 1:40
    250 g mixed with 10 l water , to be sprayed
  • Toilet systems:
    100 - 250 g/m³
  • Toilets:
    250 - 500 g/m³
  • Damage caused by fire:
    500-1.500 g/m³
    500-1.000 g/m²
  • Dumps:
    250-350 g/m²
  • Biological filters:
    500 - 1.000 g/m³ filter medium

Application advantages

This product is a universal, biological culture medium in which the different kind of bacteria find optimal conditions for procreation. It activates, stabilizes, regenerates and absorbs the corresponding medium. The activity of hydrolysis bacteria is improved.

Product Data

Agent I algae derivatives
Agent II polysaccharides
Agent III plant extracts
Dry Solid Matter

a) < 1 %
b) 10 %

Form liquid / paste
Colour beige
Conduct to Water soluble
pH-Area 7,5
Density (at 20° C) a) 1,02
b) 1,05
Security Data see safety data sheet 91/155/EWG and 1999/45/EG
Health and Security For detailed information on handling or restriction, please see our safety data sheet
Dose Concentration a) pure  
b) diluted with water in a ratio of  1:10
Dose Quantity Varying - according to individual problem
Date of Aaturity 1 year
Packaging 10-kg-pails
Packaging Unit 60 x 10 kg, pallets of 600 kg
18 x 25 kg, pallets of 450 kg 
1.080 kg container
Storage frost-free, protect from sun
Hint Information given in this leaflet are not to be seen as product specification and accord to our actual knowledge. Eventually occurring gaps cannot be excluded. Based on this information it is not guaranteed that patents of aqua-terra Bioprodukt GmbH or other involved companies are available.


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