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Bio-KlarAlgin® aquatop® PS / PS pro / PS pur

Type of product

A pure biological process stabilizer promoting and improving the aerobic decomposing process.
External source of “C”.
Carrier of carbon in oncentrated form, poor of nitrogen.
Biological culture medium serving micoro-organisms as bearing material / fixed-film / medium of population.
Organic-biological and structure viscous culture medium of expecially treaten algae in combination with highly molecular carbo-hydrates (bio-saccharides).

Fields of application

  • Increase of process stability of the whole wastewater treatment.
  • Activating of biomass.
  • Increase of net efficiency.
  • Optimizing nitrification / denitrification.
  • Source of nutrient / carbon source.
  • Improvement of oxygen transfer.
  • Improvement of biocenosis with regard to loads.
  • Improvement of biocenosis with regard to one-sided loads.
  • Compensation of one-sided loads.
  • Improvement of biocenosis with regard to under- and overloads.
  • Neutralisation of pollutants by ion exchange.
  • Elimination of odour emissions.
  • Optimizing acid capacity.
  • Optimizing floc forming micro-organisms.

Application areas

  • Communal sewage treatment plants
  • Industrial sewage treatment plants
  • Standing waters
  • Floating waters

Application advantages

The product is a universal biological culture medium in which the different kind of bacteria essential for cleansing process in sewage water find optimal conditions for procreation. It is activating, stabilizing and regenerating the disturbed biocenosis.

Dosage / Instructions for use

  • Dosage:
    30-60 g/m³
  • Place of dosage:
    System inlet
  • Interval of dosage:
    Continuously / special intervals.

Product Data

Agent I algae derivatives
Agent II polysaccharides
Agent III saccharose 60
Agent IV saccharose 100
Cation Exchange Capacity 12-15.000 mVal/100 g
Vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, C, D, E, K
Trace Elements more than 70 trace elements, 
e.g.. N, P, K, Ca, Fe, Mg
Dry Solid Matter 0,5 %
Form liquid / paste
Colour lightly brown
Conduct to Water soluble
pH-Area 7,5 - 8
Security Data see safety data sheet 91/155/EWG and 1999/45/EG
Health and Security For detailed information on handling or restriction, please see our safety data sheet
Dose Concentration pure  
Dose Quantity Varying - according to individual problem
Date of Maturity 1 year
Packaging 1.000-l-container
Packaging Unit 24 tons tank truck
Storage frost-free, dry, protect from sun
Hint Information given in this leaflet are not to be seen as product specification and accord to our actual knowledge. Eventually occurring gaps cannot be excluded. Based on this information it is not guaranteed that patents of aqua-terra Bioprodukt GmbH or other involved companies are available.


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