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Type of product

Soil adjuvant.
A polyuronide, concentrated and active culture-medium of especially prepared algae.

Fields of application

  • gardening and landscaping
  • composting of:
    • leaves
    • grass-cuttings
    • chopped wood
    • mixed waste
    • garden waste
    • organic domestic waste
    • other organic waste

Mode of action

  • Composting process is activated and shortened.
  • Equal and high composting temperatures.
  • Pollutant bacteria, fungus, pathogenic agents and seeds are made biologically ineffective.
  • Improving quality of composted soil.


Composting of:

leaves 250-300 g/m³
cutting 200-250 g/m³
chopped wood 300-350 g/m³
mixed waste 200-300 g/m³
garden waste 200-250 g/m³
organic domestic waste 200-250 g/m³
other organic waste 200-250 g/m³

Product Data

Agent I algae derivatives
Agent II polysaccharides
Agent III plant extracts
Additional agent highly swellable bentonites
Figures well-balanced C/N proportion
Cation exchange capacity 20-28.000 mVal/100 g
Trace elements containing more than 70 trace elements,  e.g.. N, P, K, Ca, Fe, Mg
Form dry, strewable, purling
Colour beige / brown
Conduct to water gelatinising / swellable
pH-area < 7,5 >
Safety data see safety data sheet 91/155/EWG and 1999/45/EG
Health and security For detailed information on handling or restriction, please see our safety data sheet
Date of maturity when originally packed:
no date
Application throughout the year
Packaging 25-kg-bags
Packaging unit 20 x 25 kg, pallets of 500 kg 
Storage frost-free, dry, protect from sun
Hint Information given in this leaflet are not to be seen as product specification and accord to our actual knowledge. Eventually occurring gaps cannot be excluded. Based on this information it is not guaranteed that patents of aqua-terra Bioprodukt GmbH or other involved companies are available.


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