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Made for GreenkeepersTerratop® Golf
drop spreader 3000

Product description

  • very durable and user friendly
  • pre-constructed, ready for use
  • weatherproof grip material (foldable grip)
  • sturdy frame for maximum stability
  • hopper capacity 30 l
  • spreading width  56 cm
  • easy to calibrate
  • precise spreading rate settings

Recommended settings for Bio-Algihum® products:

  • setting: 18 = 100g/m²
  • setting: 13 =   50g/m²

The fertiliser spreader settings listed above are standard settings. We recommend calibrating the spreader prior to use. The calibrated amounts (see above) were obtained at a walking speed of 5 km/h, therefore a slower or faster walking pace will have an influence on the rate of application.

We here at aqua-terra are always striving to improve our products in terms of quality and ease of handling. Our new drop spreader ensures more uniformity whilst spreading our products.


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